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Rose Quartzite

Rose Quartzite has high content of iron oxide making it Dark brownish to reddish. Rose Quartzite is very hard, strong and durable dimensional natural stone which makes it lasting building material for construction. 
It is used in all kind of applications like Internal & external flooring, paving, cladding, skirting, tables tops, counter tops, kitchen tops, window sills, tombstones etc. The most important usage of this stone is exterior cladding and it is available in all kind of Surface treatments such as flamed, shotblasted.  

We at Bagayat Enterprises supply Rose Quartzite in form of Slabs & cut to size tiles. 

Slab Size    : 180 - 300 cm Length x 60-90 cm Width
Tiles        : Cut to Size
Thickness    : 20mm/ 30mm/ 40mm
Finish        : Honed/ Polished/ Shotblasted/ Waterblasted

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