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Ledge Stones / Culture Stones

Ledgestone enhances the beauty of wall spaces and provides an aura of timeless elegance. Suitable for Wall Cladding (Wall Decoration) of both indoor and outdoor, they provide your personal room, dining hall, drawing room, exterior walls the charm and grace that never ends.

We supply Ledgestone Panels in Slate, Marble and Sandstones, in various sizes and beautiful patterns.

Ledge stone Specifications:
Sizes: Thickness: Edges: Finishes: Products & Applications:

60x15 cm, 35x18 cm, 40x20 cm,

24 x 6 Inch, 16 x 8 Inch

Z Panels, Rectangle shape

10-18 mm, 15-25 mm

20-30 mm

15 mm calibrated

Machine Cut


Natural split surface,

Sawn, Shotblasted,

Rock face, chiseled

Wall cladding,

Water Falls,

Wall Decoration


We at Bagayat Enterprises supply following range of Indian Ledge stone Panels:
Silver Grey Quartzite Ledgestone | Deoli Green Quartzite Ledgestones | Zeera Green Quartzite Ledgestone | Mint Sandstone LedgeStone | Jak Black Ledge Stone | Kund Multi Ledge Stone | Himachal Black Quartzite Ledgestone | Shimla White Ledgestone | Copper Quartzite Ledgestone | Golden Quartzite Ledgestone | Teakwood Sandstone Ledgestone | Rainbow Sandstone Ledgestone | Kund Multi Waterfalls | Rain Forest Brown Marble Ledgestone

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