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Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy is black colored granite that is abundantly found in South India- Andhra Pradesh to be even more specific. The stone occurs in a deep black tinge. The stone has grains ranging from very small to medium size and the characteristic feature of the stone is that it comprises silver flakes. The color variation of the stone basically is dependent on the distribution of these silver flakes in the stone.

The stone is popular not only in South India but across the country. Not just this, the stone has an excellent export value. The stone occurs naturally with a praiseworthy finishing. The smoothness and the original gloss is what that sets the stone- Black Galaxy - far ahead its contemporaries. Black galaxy Indian Granite is the perfect choice for your home decoration. Be it kitchen/office countertops, or an awesome fireplace or a less traveled to bathroom area, Black Galaxy gives an elegant touch to your interiors. In fact it reflects your taste for life.

We at Bagayat Enterprises supply best quality Black Galaxy Granite slabs & tiles also known as Star Galaxy granite in various sizes & finishes.

Product Size Specifications
Granite Slabs (in cm) Granite Tiles (in cm) Applications Finishes
270-300 cm Length
160-200 cm Width
Thickness - 2 / 3 / 4 CM
Cut to Size
Counter Tops
Vanities as well as exterior applications
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